Exit Device


These exit devices offer superior durability and are suitable for heavy duty applicationsin emergency exits in the various commercial, industrial, public and multistory residential buildings. These heavy-duty devices are designed to meet the need of modern TouchBar Styling for heavy traffic applications by eliminating the need for lever arms and crossbars.


An exit device is made up of three basic components

  • Latch: Holds the door in a closed position by engaging a strike mounted on a frame, floor or mullion
  • Crossbar: Always mounted on the face of the door opposite the hinge side (egress/pushside) and retracts the latch when depressed
  • Trim: Located on the outside (hinge/pull side). Exit device trim can be as simple as a plate or as complex as a knob or lever. Also considered as trim is the cylinder mechanism, which provides access from the outside

The doors on which exit devices are used, always swing out of the building or room in the direction of exit (egress) travel

Option 1 XD ANSI Type   Device Type  Device Length Dogging  Option Finish
Blank - No DE    1 - Wide  R - Rim  36  ND - No Dogging LBR - Less Bottom Rod  630
DE - Delayed Egress   2 - Narrow V - Vetical surface   48 CD MLR - Motorized Latch Retraction 626
      C - Concealed Vertical    LD   605
      M - Mortice   RD   612


  • XD IC 36 7 ND 630
  • XD IR 36 ND 630
  • XD IR 36 ND MLR 630
  • DE XD IR 36 ND 630


  • Required Rod Size need to be mentioned for ‘V’ and ‘C’ type devices (7’,8’,10’) - XD 1x 36” 7’ ND630
  • Mortise Exit device (M) has to be ordered with required Trim function (08, 14, 03, 02) - XD M 36ND 08 630
  • 36” for 736mm to 914mm door size
  • 48” for 838mm to 1219mm door size
  • LBR Devices shall furnished with UL Listed Fire Latch bolt
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